Friday, April 8, 2011

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

So, there is a certain assumption about ballerina's body-types (which in professional dancers is 9 times out of 10 pretty accurate).  And I'm not saying that this is a negative thing - most of them are able to reach that without unhealthy practices.  But I like to think that as adult beginners, we don't need to worry about portraying that image.  Which is good.  Because I don't.  I mean, I'm relatively fit - but I am a far cry from being considered "svelte" or anyone worrying that I have an eating disorder.  And I just ordered a chocolate milkshake from the diner across the street.  Just wanted to put that out there in the universe.

Don't judge me!!

-White Swan


  1. You can have your cake and ballet too! :)

    The only thing you need to focus on is placement, core strength, lengthening your body, stretching your knees and pointing, always pointing your feet! You can have an amazing line and still be you.

    But there´s a bonus.. Dance for a year or so (2-3x per week) and your body will change. It may never come close to that of a professional ballerina (unless you are the type to begin with), but it will be the body of a dancer. That´s what happened to me.

    And I´m still eating my choc. Just wanted to put that out there in the universe. :)

    Liking your posts, btw.

  2. Thanks, Johanna! It's funny, because I have chocolate shakes once in a while, and I've always felt slightly guilty when having them - but since starting ballet class, there is extra guilt. Still not enough guilt to stop me, LOL. The great thing about the class Black Swan and I are in now is there are all different body types in there, so we don't feel too out-of-place (except for the whole flailing around and not knowing what we're doing thing).


  3. I stand behind you in ballet and haven't seen much shaking. Of course, I'm usually looking at someone's feet because I am totally lost. At least we've traded in our Friday happy hour euro fry habit for the spicy edamame. It has the added bonus of plumping my trout pout. Baby pliés.

    -Black Swan