Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pointe is like, hard & stuff

So......the swans have been on a hiatus. A loooong hiatus. Like, wicked long. And here is the part where I list the excuses we have for not posting. Work was crazy, my dog won a Pulitzer, blah blah blah..... But really, we just fell off the wagon. We've still been hitting class twice a week (for the most part). I just came back from my vacation to the great white north, during which time I missed 3 weeks of class. And as soon as I landed, it was time for Halloween.

Which brings me to my pointe (*snicker*). No, Black Swan and I aren't ballet prodigies who went en pointe after less than a year of classes. But I had an old pair of pointe shoes that I decided to wear with my costume (I'll give you one guess as to what we were for Halloween). So I pranced around in pointe shoes all night. Looking the part of an experienced ballerina. So, of course I wanted some photos of me up on my toes - not easy. I mean, I never assumed it would be easy....but sheesh. I was able to balance for a few seconds for the shot, but I had to hold onto something (or someone) to go up. At any rate, I have a renewed respect for those of you who are able to dance on the tips of your toes. I hope one day to join your illustrious ranks.

~White Swan