Monday, July 18, 2011

Overheard at the barre

No, ladies and gentlemen, the White Swan has not died. Although the Black Swan might murder me in my sleep if I don't write a blog. So, in order to avoid what would most likely be a gruesome and untimely death, I present for your consideration: a new blog post.

Overheard at the barre:

WS: How long have we been taking class?
BS: About three months.
WS: I think I'm actually getting worse.
BS: Me too.

Overheard in the changing room after class:

BS: Oh shit, I forgot I wasn't wearing any underwear under my leotard (as she undresses and flashes her cash & prizes)
WS: You might want to leave your leotard on to go to the store then.
BS: Good point.

White Swan

Coming soon to a blog stream near you: the ballet bump.