Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Guess who was asked to be in the Nutcracker? That's right! The Swans were asked to be party guests! We declined politely. Or maybe we snorted. Either way, it wasn't worth multiple weekend rehearsals & performances to walk around the stage with our hands in muffs. Besides, I'm still holding out for the part of the Rat King.

So, Nutcracker preparations are in full swing at our studio and the adult beginners are getting the shaft. We've had two substitute teachers in the past month or so. I know we should look at substitute teachers as an opportunity to learn from someone new but subs are hard so instead we whine to each other & then go home & drink wine. The worst, though, was when all of the Nutcracker performers, from kids to advanced adults, joined our Saturday morning class as a warm up. White Swan missed class that day and I found myself sandwiched in four to a bar with ten year olds. I lasted about 15 minutes before chassé skipping out the door.

- Black Swan