Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ballet School Drop Out...

No Sugar Plum Fairy for you! So White Swan has dropped out of adult beginner ballet school.


I know.

But I thought you were a duo!

So did I. SO... DID... I.

She says it's temporary but I've been dancing solo since I got back from the holidays. She may not actually have thrown her ballet shoes in a dumpster but it sure feels that way when I have no one to joke around with in class. (Sad face.)

The only thing keeping me going is knowing how good I'm going to be when the prodigal swan returns to class & I can dance pirouettes around her. Last Saturday we were doing piqué turn en dehors, aka lame ducks, which have always eluded me. All of a sudden I totally had them and was lame ducking across the floor like I invented the things as I thought to myself, 'White Swan's gonna be pissed when she sees this!' Now I just need to nail my assemblés before she returns. That'll show her.

-Black Swan