Sunday, April 17, 2011


So, Black Swan and I tried a new class today at a different school. We dropped in on what I thought was an adult beginner class (in reality a beginner/intermediate class). And guess what....we didn't suck! We mastered the tombe, pas de bourre and the triple pirouette! OK, maybe that wasn't totally accurate. And maybe we were actually just doing more of the noodle dance during the whole class. And maybe we felt just as lost in this class as we did in our other class and we actually still suck. But it was really nice to try a different class with a different teacher. We warned the teacher before we started that we only had 2 ballet classes under our belts, so she was good about trying to explain things as we went along. We were still pretty hopelessly lost for most of the class, but we are learning.

I do have to say that there is nothing like a rigorous ballet class to make me feel like an arthritic senior citizen. I don't think BS broke her hoo-ha again, but my hip flexors are screaming in agony. Now, where did I put my foam roller? Oh there it is...right next to my walker.

~White Swan

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  1. And, and, and we did our first center work! Our other class is just a barre class but today we waltzed and turned and jumped! Not very well probably, but we did it!

    - Black Swan