Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Potty Boo Wuh?

I don't know if it was that extra ballet class we crashed on Sunday or the full moon but the swans are ballerina rock stars! Half of the time! When the first half of the class is being taught by a stand in teacher and we are doing basic combinations that we can actually retain in our tiny bird brains! Regardless of the reason, it felt great to know what to do next without staring at a nearby teenager's feet. Ballet class takes on a whole new perspective when you actually raise your chin and have a look around!

And then, our regular teacher arrived. And the swans faces fell. And so did our competence. At one point, our teacher explained that during a demi detourné, the feet go through first position and said, "It's first position, not whatevers." As class progressed, "whatevers" was about all we could manage. There was an epic fail moment during some pas de bourrée combinations but the swans ended the evening on a high note. We take way too much pleasure when we walk out to our cars after class, passing 80% of our fellow students who have to wait outside for their parents to pick them up. I may not have mastered a simple pas de bourrée, but I have wheels, baby.

And now to demonstrate my potty beret:

- Black Swan


  1. You guys make me smile a lot :) i can definitely relate to your stories :) and i love the potty beret!

  2. Black Swan forgot to mention the part where the teacher had to come dance next to us because we were facing the bar and therefore couldn't see people to follow them. We were so utterly lost. It must have been hilarious for the girls who could watch us. I thought it was hilarious and I couldn't even see us.

  3. Your teacher said "whatevers". That rocks.