Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The People of Adult Ballet

Most people are aware of the website People of Walmart. I don't know, maybe some of you are even on it. Several people have asked me who is in our adult ballet class so I give you the people of adult ballet:

The Swans: A pair of professional something or others in their early to mid thirties who were inexplicably inspired to take ballet after watching the movie Black Swan together. Definite weirdos.

Giselle: Our young, adorable & petite teacher who makes everything look easy & puts up with our goofing off in class. Not that she has a choice when we keep showing up week after week.

Coppelia: A tiny woman who could be anywhere from 45-65 with moderate English skills and an unending supply of dance skirts. She favors jewel tones.

Sugar Plum: A class favorite. Sugar Plum has extensive dance wardrobe and favors pastel colors & dance skirts. Like Coppelia, she is an older woman of indiscriminate age with an artificial hip, an ever present knee brace & attends every class in pointe shoes. Her nutcracker husband escorts her to and sits through every class. (Awkward!)

The Bon Bons: There are a handful of high school & college students who show up sporadically. One of the more regular Bon Bon's mother sits and watches our class. (Eye roll.)

Juliet: Juliet could be anywhere from 30-45 and is an interesting character. Her noticeably younger boyfriend, Romeo, often shows up and watches our class. (Yes, we have quite the audience.) She idolizes Coppelia, squeezing into a full barre to stand by her in class, & has a unique sense of style. She is typically seen in white ballet shoes, white tights, a white leotard, white face powder and a blue hip alignment belt. Say what? White Swan actually caught her in a true People of Walmart moment at clothing store one evening. This was on a Friday so it wasn't after a ballet class but maybe she takes ice dancing on Fridays?

(Swan head added to protect the guilty.)

Adult ballet. It's definitely not boring.

-Black Swan

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  1. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who gives names to fellow students. Your names are much classier than mine though.