Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm a ballerina!!

I officially became a ballerina today. No, I didn't pass any tests or get drafted into the corps. But I enrolled in our school. Which was a big step for me. I have been attending classes a little more sporadically than I would have liked lately - both because of work and other dance-related events. My hula halau had our annual ho'ike this past weekend (sort of like a recital, I guess). Leading up to that, there was a lot of practice and more than a bit of stress. Now with that in the rear view mirror, I felt like I could take this next step. Now I'm accountable. I can't just decide not to go to class because I don't feel like it. After I handed my check in, I proudly said "Now I'm a ballerina!". Of course Black Swan laughed at me (as did our teacher). But I looked it up, and I'm actually not wrong. The online dictionary has the second definition of ballerina as: "any female ballet dancer". So, there. I AM a ballerina. Now, if anyone needs me I will be shopping for tutus and tiaras.

~White Swan

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  1. The first step to become something is tu actually believe you are that!

    How are you doing with ballet nowadays?