Sunday, May 8, 2011

JSSOB - take one

So, we have two classes to blog about this time around. We were supposed to have our first class at Jody Sawyer School of Ballet (JSSOB) on tuesday, but White Swan's job prohibited her leaving on time to make class. So, we tried a different class on Wed. We had attended this same class on Sunday before, but this was a different teacher (and different students). When the teacher arrived, we felt we needed to warn her that we are true beginners, as this is technically a beginner/intermediate class. Black Swan told her we had had about 5 classes, and she says "EVER?". Yes, ever. After the initial shock wore off she assured us we would do fine (I think). The details are a little fuzzy as I was replaying the look on her face when we told her how very experienced we are. But the class went well. There were obviously steps we didn't know, but she explained them to us patiently and didn't laugh too hard when we wiggled around trying to reproduce what she had just shown us. I wasn't looking in the mirror much, but I imagine we looked a bit like Elaine from Seinfeld when she dances. At the end of the day, we had a good class, but I felt like we held the class back a bit, like things would have progressed faster and the teacher might have done more difficult combinations if she didn't have a couple of beginners in the class. And that's the only reason I don't think we'll make this class a regular in our schedule (unless, of course we need a backup for other missed classes).

And then.........

The swans finally made it to the JSSOB yesterday. And it was everything we dreamt it would be....and more (cue angels singing). The only thing that really sucked about the class was that it started at 9am. 9. A. M., people. White Swan lives out in the boonies, so she had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to make it to class. And although she got up plenty early, she didn't leave the house until 8:17, and still made it to class 15 minutes early (going the speed limit, OF COURSE)! Black Swan, on the other hand, had some plumbing "issues" which kept her from leaving the house in a timely manner, but she too made it on time. When the girl at the desk (who also turned out to be our teacher) asked how we heard about the school, Black Swan jokingly said "Amanda Schull told us about it". To which the girl replied, "Oh, you guys know Amanda?". LOL! We then explained that we are nerds and have watched Center Stage a bajillion times, but have never met Amanda. But, apparently she still comes by the school when she visits Hawaii - woot!

And although Jody Sawyer was not teaching the class, our teacher was really great. She demonstrated everything and explained things when she saw the "deer in headlights" look on our faces (which happens A LOT). We learned new steps (which we can't remember the names of). Note to self: bring notebook and ask the teacher to list steps we went over at the end of class. And there was one lady (a bit older than the swans, to put it gently) on pointe shoes! Which gave us hope! It's never too late - there is still hope for the swans.

Oh, and we tried pirouettes. I use term "tried" literally, because I know I didn't actually execute one. Black Swan may have, but I wouldn't know as I was too busy flailing around and trying not to fall down to look around.

All in all, we feel we have finally found the class for us. JSSOB offers the adult beginner class on tues, thurs and saturday. We figure we will start by taking on tues (sat was a challenge because of the time) and possibly add more classes in the future.

~White Swan

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  1. Another thing that really set the JSSOB apart was that the teacher & other students were on average friendlier than the other schools we've been to. There was one girl who happily saved us from the butt of the barre when WS asked if she would switch spots with us, the woman on pointe shoes told us we should come to the Tuesday and Thursday classes and people just smiled and laughed together more. I mean, I'm in my mid-thirties and wearing a leotard. We shouldn't be taking ourselves too seriously.

    -Black Swan