Tuesday, May 3, 2011


White Swan got slammed with a last minute deadline at work so no JSSOB class tonight. Instead I give you excerpts of our Google chats throughout the day, lightly modified for entertainment.
(Shortly after lunch…)
White Swan: Hey Odile, do you need coffee?
Black Swan: Nope but you'll see me soon enough.
I'll be the one doing the noodle dance.
While wearing a sausage casing.
White Swan: Omg - I hope this class rocks.
Black Swan: It will. It’s the JSSOB.
I bet we learn the Michael Jackson number today.
I hope they have red toe shoes we can borrow.
(A few hours later…)
White Swan: It doesn't look like I can make class tonight.
Black Swan: Stop being weak.
(I didn’t really write that. It’s a line from Black Swan.)
White Swan: I found out today that I have a deadline tomorrow so it's either miss class or come back to work afterward and work until midnight.
Black Swan: So do that.
(No response.)
Black Swan: I mean, we can go tomorrow or this weekend instead.
White Swan: I hate when this happens. I was so excited about JSSOB!
Black Swan: What are you going to do? Run home to mommy?
(Still quoting Black Swan, people.)
White Swan: Work is getting in the way of my dreams of being a prima ballerina.
Black Swan: The only person standing in your way is you.
White Swan: This project will give me an ulcer, I guarantee
Black Swan: As long as your ulcer doesn’t interfere with ballet like your job is right now.
(That’s not from Black Swan but I didn’t really write that either.)
White Swan: Maybe that's what this pain is.
(White Swan has had a pain in her side for the last week.)
White Swan: Maybe I’ve already got an ulcer. 
Black Swan: It’s probably cancer.
(I might have written that.)
White Swan: If they can't diagnose it, they'll just put me down.
Send me to the glue factory.
Black Swan: I’m bored.
White Swan: I should put a will together.
I want you to start an adult ballet school in my honor.
And hang my shoes and leotards on the wall.
Name it JSSOB.
Black Swan: And everyone wears red shoes there.
White Swan: Of course, I have no money to give you but you'll figure it out.
Black Swan: It will be a small school.
White Swan: And all you teach is the ending number from Center Stage. Once they have mastered that, they graduate.
Black Swan: We're going to need a motorcycle.

- Black Swan

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