Sunday, June 19, 2011

Triple Threat

I pulled off a triple threat this week. Not by singing, dancing & acting well, but by threatening to make a real ass of myself three times this week at ballet class.

White Swan missed Tuesday's class because of work. It was relatively uneventful but brought up a growing pet peeve of mine; wearing t-shirts in ballet class. I have been the fluffiest person in every class and I squeeze myself into a leotard and tights and not due to a lack of self consciousness or an amazing body image. It's so the teacher & I can see what I'm doing because I genuinely want to improve at this. Those skinny chicks need to lose the t-shirts or I'm gonna steal their part in Swan Lake.

Thursday's class kicked the swan's tail feathers. We had a substitute teacher and she was tough. We are adult beginners, lady, not retired prima-b's.

Saturday classes are our favorite. It's less crowded, the sun is streaming through the studio windows and instead of dealing with the aftermath of a day at work, we have the weekend ahead of us. I love lining up at the barre at 9 am and hearing a ripple of knees cracking down the barre as we go into our first grand pliƩ. It is an adult ballet class, after all.

- Black Swan

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